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Nicholas D’Andre

David Von Dollen

BA - William Patterson University

MA - Georgia Institute of Technology; Computer Science

Data Science Certificate - University of Washington

4th Year PhD Candidate - University of Leiden; industrial applications of quantum computing, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

David is the Vice President of Data Science for GridMatrix. Prior to his current role, David was responsible for the overall strategy, technical architecture, and project management for A.I. research and applications development for The VW Group IT Regional Competency Center serving North and South America. During his tenure at VW, David helped develop and launch the world’s first mobility application leveraging quantum computing and co-authored the tensorflow-quantum software library. He has over ten years of experience developing and deploying data and machine learning software products for enterprise companies across variety of domains: including automotive, insurance, e-commerce and finance. David holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, a professional certificate in Data Science from the University of Washington, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Leiden focusing his research on industrial applications of quantum computing, optimization, and artificial intelligence.