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Jonathan Haylock

Jonathan Haylock


11+ years at Apple Engineering

4+ years at NASA JPL

7+ years at Boeing

2+ years at Northrop Grumman

9 years at US Army, USAF

12 Patents

Member, Society of Automotive Engineers

IEEE Life Member

Jonathan Haylock is GridMatrix’s Chief Technology Officer. Before co-founding GridMatrix, Jonathan spent over 11 years with Apple. He designed many of Apple’s product manufacturing processes and served as an expert consultant for the resident team’s 400+ mechanical engineers. Before Apple, Jonathan worked in aerospace. He joined Apple from NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he was part of the team that launched the Mars rover Curiosity. He also launched the earth orbiting satellite Orbital Express. Prior to NASA, Jonathan spent 7 years at Boeing and 2 years at Aerojet designing rocket propulsion systems. Jonathan is a veteran and began his career as an Air Force machinist at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He is a lifetime member of the IEEE and also a member of the American Mathematical Society and Society of Automotive Engineers. Jonathan holds 12 patents.