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Where Big Data Meets Traffic Analytics

GridMatrix’s software is built for traffic engineers and designed to help them solve some of their most common and challenging problems.

Video Processing

Using advances in AI, GridMatrix’s software can quickly and efficiently process hours of traffic camera video data and extract standard traffic study information like count, speed, and approach direction.  With object recognition and classification, GridMatrix’s software can further break down this data by group and category and compile it in a simple raw format.

Real Time

GridMatrix’s AI algorithms work in real time, processing information from live traffic feeds as it is recorded.  It also works with historical video data, allowing city traffic engineers to analyze traffic patterns at any number of intersections to understand flow and other patterns.

Data Visualization

GridMatrix offers data visualization capabilities via a web dashboard, allowing city traffic engineers to easily see and deep dive the data they need, when they need it.

Privacy & Security

GridMatrix is a privacy first company.  Its software does not collect and does not require sensitive data, such as license plates, to accurately detect vehicles or other road users or perform further analytics.

Universal Compatibility

If you have a traffic camera with footage or inductive loop data, GridMatrix’s software can work for you.  It is not tied to any one camera type or inductive loop system architecture.