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Implementing GridMatrix's intelligent traffic solutions can offer cities a host of benefits and help them meet their transportation objectives.

Congestion Reduction

GridMatrix’s technology is built for flow optimization.  The goal is to achieve reduced road user wait time, whether it is a vehicle at a light, a bus at a railroad signal, or a pedestrian at a crosswalk.

Cut Emissions

A reduction in idle time due to stoppage is directly correlated to emissions reduction.  Idling cars create more than 30 million tonnes of CO2 annually.  Cutting these emissions to 0 is the same as taking 6.5 million passenger cars off America’s roads.

Smart Infrastructure

Instead of building more roads to handle population and vehicle increases, cities can optimize usage of roads they already have with GridMatrix’s real time software platform.

Transit Signal Priority

GridMatrix’s software can optimize phase timing for mass transit and emergency arrival on green, keeping the most important traffic in your city moving quickly.

Vision Zero

Cities are looking to reduce deaths from traffic accidents to 0, and GridMatrix can help get them there.  Improved traffic flow is correlated with accident reduction, and GridMatrix’s analytic tools can help diagnose problem intersections with high accident rates to pinpoint the root cause.

Complete Streets

Streets need to work for all road users, not just vehicles.  Mass transit, cyclists, pedestrians, and micro-mobility road users also need a system that is built for their needs.  GridMatrix’s solutions are designed with these road users in mind, prioritizing their safety and balancing their needs with the demands of vehicular traffic.

Mobility Equality

Cities need to work for everyone.  Essential destinations like groceries, child and elder care, physicians, schools, parks, and work need to be accessible in a reasonable amount of time regardless of where a city resident may live.  Accelerating traffic flow puts mobility equality in reach.

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Where Big Data Meets Traffic Analytics

GridMatrix’s software is built for traffic engineers and designed to help them solve some of their most common and challenging problems.

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About GridMatrix



GridMatrix is an intelligent traffic solutions and technology company.  Its products are built for cities to help them economically achieve their transportation objectives, including reductions in traffic congestion, accidents, and associated emissions.

Founded 2021

GridMatrix was co-founded by a team of former Apple engineering and operations colleagues with a combined 22 patents and 100 years of experience at America’s leading technology companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Veteran Owned

GridMatrix’s co-founding team proudly includes a United States Army and Air Force veteran.

GridMatrix’s Mission

GridMatrix’s mission is to partner with American cities and help their infrastructure meet today’s challenges as well as evolve with the coming transportation technology revolution.   GridMatrix’s software is compatible with existing city camera, inductive loop, and radar installations. Output from these sources can be processed and displayed in real time and allow for greater usability, transparency, and insight.  The advent of new technologies, from advanced sensors to autonomous vehicles, are poised to change the way we move and that the future of transportation will be more connected, greener, and autonomous.

Product Design Philosophy

GridMatrix is a software services-first company, providing cities with advanced analytics and intelligent traffic control capabilities on an edge native software platform.  GridMatrix’s software is compatible with existing city camera and inductive loop implementations, and can be further enhanced with it’s Traffic Trailblazer™.


Nvidia Inception

Nvidia Inception

GridMatrix is a community member of Nvidia Inception, the leading accelerator for AI startups.  The Inception Program is an incubator for startups integrating advancements in AI and data science into their products.

Learn more about Nvidia’s Inception program.

Nvidia Metropolis

Nvidia Metropolis

GridMatrix is a member of Nvidia’s Metropolis program, the company’s edge-to-cloud platform for smart cities.

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GridMatrix is a SEMI affiliate.  SEMI is the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, connecting over 2,400 member companies and 1.3 million professionals world wide.

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Meet The Team

We're a group of engineering and operations professionals who founded GridMatrix to help renew and improve American infrastructure.  We’ve worked with cities on projects ranging from laying fiber optic cable to rail transit scheduling.  Our team has also designed, tested, and shipped some of the world’s best-selling consumer electronic products, working on every stage of their development - from initial prototyping through mass production to sale.  Collectively, the GridMatrix team has over 100 years of experience at America’s leading technology companies and holds 22 patents.  We have deep expertise in wireless technology, autonomous vehicles, transportation, cloud based software development, and hardware mass production.

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Join Us and Help Engineer the Future of Transportation!

GridMatrix is looking for exceptional, creative, and out-of-the box thinkers who want to make an impact. If you’re driven, passionate, and a life-llong learner, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for current opportunities listed below, but you can get a sense of our focus areas from past opportunities too. Excited by our mission and know you can make a difference but don’t see an exact match below? No problem! We’re rapidly expanding Contact Madison, our Chief of Staff at with a resume and brief introduction detailing your interests.

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